Praemium’s V-Wrap platform is a non-custodial investment administration platform which allows CAM to report on a variety of different classes of assets, with reports being generated on any time frame specified.

Key reporting capabilities for Professional Advisors and their clients include:

  • Detailed breakdowns of dividends received;
    Providing all the necessary information to prepare income tax returns and financial accounts highlighting franked and unfranked components of dividends.
  • Predictive income reporting capabilities;
    View all income likely to be received based upon a client’s listed investment holdings. We even follow up on expected dividends that go missing.
  • Unrealised and realised capital gains tax;
    Allows more effective implementation of tax planning initiatives as unrealised and realised capital gains tax can be determined at any point in time.
  • Summary of all buys and sells for a period;
    Reviewing all buy & sell transactions undertaken, and seeing these transactions hit the bank account through a cash book summary.
  • Direct electronic feeds into accounting / superannuation software packages;
    Professional Advisors and their clients can integrate CAM with other accounting software packages – such as Quicken and BGL Simple Fund – to reduce the time taken to prepare a set of financial accounts for self-managed superannuation funds (“SMSF’s”).

To view PDF sample reports, please click on the report titles below:

To view further reporting capabilities of CAM, click the button below and login using the username “camclient” and the password “Demo123!”.